How to Enter

The Call for Entries for The Card & Payments Awards 2019 is now closed. Please check back here next year for information on how to enter the 2020 Awards.

This is an opportunity for you and your organisation to showcase top class performance and innovation and receive due recognition for your achievements.

All the information you need can be found on this website or in the Call For Entries brochure.

You should establish your eligibility and review the award categories and their specific entry requirements before proceeding with your submission.

Entries should be submitted online – the online entry system will open in June 2019. Please refer to the list below for instructions on using the online entry system.

Entry Rules Checklist

All entries can now be supplied to us online when we open the call for entries in June, making the process much easier and more efficient.

  • Please read through the form and check what you need to supply before starting
  • It is best to prepare your entry in advance and ensure that you gain approval prior to submitting
  • Note the word limits for each section – the form will automatically limit your word count
  • Information can be copied and pasted from a text editor

Establish that your organisation meets the eligibility criteria that require to be met to enter The Card & Payments Awards.  In addition, please note the following:

  • ‘Of the year’ categories for TCPA must relate to campaigns, products, initiatives or programmes launched in the UK or Irish market between 1 October 2017 and 30 September 2018.
  • Entries in the remaining categories must refer to results achieved from existing or new initiatives, programmes, products or services during the period 1 October 2017 and 30 September 2018.
  • Submissions for the Best Payments Industry Newcomer category must come from organisations that commenced operating no earlier than 36 months prior to 1st April 2018.
  • The Card & Payments Awards are open to products, services and initiatives that are available within the UK and Republic of Ireland.  Entries for overseas initiatives will not be accepted.
  • Judges will be looking for significant developments or additional objectives and results in the period where existing projects are referenced and submitted.

Each Award category has its own entry criteria. Please ensure that you read these closely so that your answer format is tailored accordingly. NB: The judges reserve the right to re-allocate an entry to a different category if appropriate.

  • The entry deadline for The Card & Payments Awards 2019 has now passed.
  • All entries should be submitted online and must adhere to the required format.
  • Supporting material can be emailed to
  • Any hard copy supporting material can be delivered by post or courier to The Card & Payments Awards at our London office.

Each entry must be submitted with an entry fee of £295 plus VAT (£354) per entry.

Your entry must be in the name of, and signed off by, the end B2B or consumer brand.

We accept payment by credit or debit card. Please complete the entry form online and you will be prompted to enter your card details once yo have completed the entry.

Entries will only be submitted for judging when payment is received.

  • Please supply an entry title which should include the name of the product/ initiative/ programme/ campaign.
  • Include a 50-word entry description which will be used in the event your entry is shortlisted.  This should be written in the third person and should not include any confidential material as it will be published.  Please do not use we/us/our.
  • Include a separate 250-word (max) synopsis of your entry in bullet form summarising the key points.
  • Please submit a statement to a maximum of 1000 words addressing the Question and Answer format (NB : Question headers do not count to 1000 word count).
  • Ensure you include relevant detail, be specific, give clear examples where possible.
  • Use hard metrics, where possible, to demonstrate your achievements.
  • Include supporting evidence where these support your entry but limit to maximum of 3 items per entry. Supporting material is used in the final judging session only except for Best Marketing Campaign of the Year and Best Design of the Year. Judges will shortlist on the basis of the main submission and bullet synopsis. You should ensure that these are both strong and stand alone from the supporting material.
  • Keep it short. Try and summarise your achievements as succinctly as possible for the judges.
  • Prepaid card entries will need to supply additional information to confirm eligibility.
  • Entries should be made online.
  • Supporting information can be emailed to
  • Entrants may mark specific financial information or sensitive parts of their entry as ‘Not for Publication’. This will be respected by the organisers. Please footnote or flag the text.  Note that the 50-word description must not contain confidential information.

The online entry system will prompt you to answer the questions below in your submission.  

  • Why is your company entering this award category? Consider aims and objectives of initiative, project or situation.
  • What has your company done since 1 October 2017 to qualify for this award? Include scope of programme or initiative, choice of implementation or approach.
  • What benefits to your company and your customers can be illustrated as a result? i.e. competitive advantage, effectiveness, ROI, improved performance, service, usability.
  • What measurements of success (max 2) best indicate why your company should win this award? Refer results and outcome to original objectives.

Before submitting your entry please ensure that you have read the specific requirements of the award category.

Many of our past entrants have teamed up with Boost Marketing to assist them with putting together their entries, especially when resources are limited.  Boost’s team of award entry experts have a history of success. See how they can help you.  

Further information about Boost.

Contact Boost.

  • All material will remain confidential to the judges.
  • We do recommend that you provide as many metrics as possible with your entries. You can flag any commercially sensitive elements of your entry with the wording ‘Not For Publication’. The organisers will ensure that this highlighted information is not published in any form. NB: Please do not use colour to flag but make it clear by use of symbols or footnotes.
  • Note that the 50-word description will be published.
  • The organisers strongly recommend that when submitting entries all appropriate permissions from key stakeholders have been obtained. Third parties or co-branded card partners should be made aware that the material may appear in print in publications and articles associated with the Awards.

Where your entry can be usefully supported with supporting material you may provide a maximum of three items per entry. Supporting material should be chosen with care. It should be relevant and enhancing to the main entry. You may include high quality digital photographs a short film / TV advert if you feel that this supports your entry. This should be good broadcast quality.

Please bear in mind that judges will have only limited time to consider supporting material and so quality of supporting material rather than quantity is of importance. ‘Less is often more’. A summarised one page PowerPoint might be easier to digest than pages of documentation. Please bear in mind supporting material is only used on the final judging day except for Best Marketing Campaign of the Year and Best Design of the Year.

Supporting information can be emailed to

Each entry must be be accompanied by a high resolution copy of your corporate logo, ideally an option for use on both white and colour backgrounds. All logos should be supplied as an illustrator EPS or relevant vector file format. Please note that placing a .jpg, .gif or .tif image into an illustrator file does not make the logo a vector file. Most logo types are created natively in a vector programme so please supply the orginal file and and not a low resolution .jpg All images to be supplied at a resolution of 300 dpi measuring at least A5 at that size. Please note that images embedded in Word or PowerPoint are not sufficient quality for print purposes.

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