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The Card & Payments Awards are open to the following organisations in the categories for which they are eligible. The entering company can be based anywhere, but the entry must refer to activity within the UK or Ireland.

For further information, please refer to our video series – video 3.

Credit card issuers and also their retail, affinity and co-brand partners  in the UK and Republic of Ireland. ‘Credit card issuers’ mean the bank or other financial institution licensed to issue credit tokens in the UK as defined under section 14 of the UK Consumer Credit Act or in Ireland as defined by the Irish Consumer Credit Act.

Debit card issuers linking a payment card to a UK or Irish banking or building society account or which is used to pay for goods and services by debiting the holder’s account.

Prepaid card issuers, meaning any organisation who owns or operates a brand that is utilised (on its own or as a co-brand) in connection with prepaid cards usable in an open network, identified by an issuer identification number (BIN) or, for closed loop, in a significant number of outlets in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Any prepaid product entered must relate to actively issued cards.*

* Prepaid entrants must provide evidence, which may be marked ‘confidential/not for publication’ if desired, of having issued over 1000 cards to end customers under a single brand or co-brand. Please note that a combination of different brands under one white label brand umbrella/programme will not count as a ‘total number issued’ – they must be entered singularly under each brand name.

NB : Prepaid card providers must complete the Additional Information form with each entry . This form is based on guidelines provided by UK Finance – some data fields may not apply to all types of prepaid card applications. 

Charge card issuers and also their retail, affinity and other co-brand partners in the UK or Republic of Ireland, who provide payment cards that require customers to settle their account in full at the end of a specified period of time.

Merchant acquirers who are licensed to offer merchant acquiring services in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

All entrants must offer payment-related services to companies within the financial services industry.  Services must be offered into the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

Retailers are eligible to enter Best Achievement in Retail Payments and any other category where they can showcase a payments related qualifying entry.

Services must be offered in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Entries can be submitted only by the organisation that has the direct interface with the end ‘payer’ or the merchant offering the service. Entries may be prepared by suppliers and other members of the value chain but the Award nomination needs to be in the name of the end consumer or B2B brand and needs to be authorised by that brand. Exceptions to this are Industry Achievement Award, Changing Lives in the Community, Best Industry Innovation of the Year, Best Achievement in Retail Payments and Best Payments Newcomer which are open to all organisations whose principle business is payments.

Companies entering must meet the general eligibility criteria above and have been trading in the UK or Republic of Ireland at the time of entry. An exception to this is in the Best Payments Industry Newcomer Category.

Awards Calendar

Call for Entries
June 2019
Entry Deadline
September 2019
Shortlist Announced
November 2019
Dinner & Ceremony
February 2020

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